Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What is Negative Ions?

Anion or Negative Ion
What are Negative Ions?
All living things have a relationship with ‘anions‘ or negative ions. Have you ever noticed that before a rainstorm you may feel edgy and your joints may hurt? That’s because there are more positive ions than negative ions (Anion) in the air. Once a storm has passed, the overabundance of negative ions / anion brings you a calm, peaceful feeling.
How Environments Change Anion Counts
Air in urban areas contains about 400-500 negative ions/cubic centimeter air. Country air has 700-1000 while mountains have more than 2000! That’s why you feel great in the mountains.
Anions and Health
The number of anions in the air can impact your health. When there are too many positive ions and too few anions, the human body can develop symptoms such as fatigue, dizziness, migraines,depression and shortness of breath. These symptoms can be rapidly relieved if air with 1200 anions per cubic centimeter or more is breathed in. Negative ions can improve the sense of well being so that multi-tasking becomes easier and productivity rate increases. Experts agree that anion content is an essential factor for human health and longevity.
What Negative Ions Do
Under normal circumstances, air molecules are neutral. With ionization, free electrons with a negative charge combine with neutral charged molecules to become negatively charged. They then gather dust particles and neutralize bacteria and viruses which are positively charged. Anions in the air are just as important as vitamins and minerals in food. These anions are sometimes called ‘air vitamins or ‘air scavengers.’
Why Not Use Anions in Personal Products?
The benefits of anions in healthcare have captured extensive attention worldwide. After years of research, Winalite Technology Co. Ltd of Shenzhen successfully developed a healthcare, high-tech sanitary napkin and granted national patents. Products are now in 34 countries.
The anionic tape in the Sanitary Pads emits 6070 anions per cubic cm air, making the immediate environment rich in anions that can effectively inhibit the survival and duplication of bacteria and viruses that may cause vaginitis. This slightly alkaline environment also works as a natural deodorant. Almost all types of female genital inflammation are caused by anaerobic bacteria that don’t like anions. Love Moon Sanitary Pads promote womens’ health through technology. Men are also enjoying tremendous health benefits from the negative ions in the sanitary pads.