Saturday, June 18, 2011

Love Moon Anion Pantyliner

A pantyliner is an absorbent piece of material used for feminine hygiene. Pantyliner also know as "pantliner" or pantiliner" or "panty shield". The uses of pantyliner as following:

  1. Absorbency for daily vaginal discharge.
  2. Light menstrual flow.
  3. Post-intercourse discharge.
  4. Slight urine leaks.
  5. Post Menstruation (Period) use to collect vaginal discharge.
  6. Tampon Backup
Love Moon Anion Pantyliner consists of Anion Strip that able to release up to 5,800-6,070 Negative Ion (Anion) per cubic cm. Love Moon Anion Pantyliner helps women to prevent bacterial multiplication, vaginal infection/discharge, eliminates odor and promotes comfort. We strongly encourage women who have vaginal infection/discharge use Love Moon Anion Pantyliner every day to overcome their problem. Anion (Negative Ion) released able to help them to fight with the bacterial infection at their vaginal. Love Moon Anion Pantyliner is the only pantyliner come with anion (negative ion) in the market.

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