Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Four Ways To Maintain Your Feminine Hygiene

1. Remember to clean your feminine area daily with a mild soap and warm water. You are encourage to clean your private area with your clean soapy hand will eliminate the risk of introducing bacteria from a washcloth into your vagina. If you are comfortable doing so. Otherwise, use a fresh washcloth every time you cleanse your feminine area. This is the important things to do daily to take care your feminine hygiene.

Your vagina's natural cleansing process produces a clear or white discharge that removes bacteria. Washing with regular soap and water daily helps remove the discharge from the skin and cleanses the outside of the vagina. Products such as douches and scented washes are not good for your vagina, as they remove healthy bacteria and unbalance natural pH levels. Avoid these products, as they can cause irritation, abnormal discharge, and recurrent infection. Also, after a bowel movement, wipe from front to back to avoid transferring anal bacteria to the vagina.

2. Shower or bathe every day to ensure your personal hygiene. Your feminine areas sweat just like the rest of you, it is very important to wash away any sweat or dirt that may have gathered at your private part. Always cleanse your feminine areas after any kind of sexual contact with your love one, even if it was only touching or oral contact. This will reduce your risk of infection in your vagina as well as your urinary tract.

3. Change your sanitary pads or tampons often during your menstrual cycle. Wearing the same pad for an extended period or leaving a tampon in too long greatly increases your chance of vaginal infection. Try to develop a good behavior to change your tampon or pad often, this will able to reduce any chance of developing an odor and vaginal infection.

4. Respect your body's ability to cleanse itself. A woman's vagina will clean itself out daily with natural discharge. Using additional chemicals or products can disrupt this natural process. Avoid to use additional chemical.

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