Monday, July 4, 2011

Sanitary Pads

Sanitary pads also called as sanitary napkins, sanitary towels or maxi pads, sanitary pads are a necessary part of the gynecological hygiene for every woman. A sanitary napkin is a item that has the ability of absorbing the flow of menstrual flow. Menstruating women wear sanitary pads during their periods. Sanitary pads are also used by some women after vaginal surgeries, childbirth or abortion. There are different varieties of disposable sanitary pads available in the market, ranging from ultra-thin pantyliners to oversized maternity pads. From

In this 21st centuries, sanitary pads / napkins are available in different types of designed, the design of sanitary pads are taking into consideration both fashion, style and comfort. Some major improvement include introuction of "wings", quilting of the lining, fragrant pads, introduction of pantyliners, reduction of pad thickness, herbal sanitary pads and sanitary pads with negative ions (anions). Nowadays, most women even have their own standard sanitary brands.

There are several different types of disposable menstrual pads / sanitary napkins:

Panty Liner
Designed to absorb daily vaginal discharge, light menstrual flow, "spotting", slight urinary incontinence, or as a backup for tampon use.

A very thin (compact) pad, which may be as absorbent as a Regular or Maxi/Super pad but with less bulk.

A middle range absorbency pad. Most used by the women.

Maxi/ Super
A larger absorbency pad, useful for the start of the menstrual cycle when menstruation is often heaviest. Maxi/Super also used by women after vaginal surgeries, childbirth or abortion.

A longer pad to allow for more protection while the wearer is lying down, the size is little longer than regular pad, Night pads with an absorbency suitable for overnight use.

These are usually slightly longer than a maxi/Super pad and are designed to be worn to absorb lochia (bleeding that occurs after childbirth). Special design for women after childbirth.

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